Sunday, January 23, 2011

Starting Air System

 5.2.1    Purpose of Air Start System:
·         A high pressured compressed air will start cranking the flywheel for a kick start on the crankshaft rotary motion process.
·         The energy produced from rotary motion of the crankshaft is then diverted to the reciprocating motion of the pistons.

 5.2.2   Operational System:
·         When starting the engine, compressed air enters into cylinder with the piston just over TDC pushing the piston downwards.
·         As the crankshaft starts rotation, the air start valve on the next cylinder in line opens to continue the momentum.
·         The starting air system is linked with the fuel system; hence fuel supply is restricted on starting to keep within a speed limit that has been set before operating at full speed.
·         Fuel is injected into the cylinders and the air is cut off when engine runs.  

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